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Crystal Beauty Lounge – Red Diamond
Crystal Beauty Lounge

Crystal Beauty Lounge

Crystal Beauty Lounge is a hair salon located at Red Diamond Building, near Aster Medical Centre, offering nail services, such as a french manicure, pedicure, nail extension, and a variety of nail art. In addition to that, backed by real experts, Crystal Beauty Lounge offers the most gentle hair care services, such as hair coloring, Keratin treatments, hair loss treatments, and many more, even a scheduled hair consultation to guide you through what fits you and your needs best, along with spa services and facial treatments, such as body massages, profoundly hydrating organic facials, and also makeup is available.


Stay in Touch

If you urgently need to speak to one of our customer service representatives.
For more advice, information or help on our services,
please email us at: leasing@reddiamondjlt.com