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Art Gynecology Clinic – Red Diamond
Art Gynecology Clinic

Art Gynecology Clinic

About Us:

ART Fertility Clinics, the leading institution of Reproductive Medicine in the Middle East, It opened its first fertility center in Abu Dhabi, UAE, under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Human M. Fatemi (MD, Ph.D. at the University of Brussels, Belgium).

With Prof. Fatemi′s international expertise and region-specific know-how, ART Fertility Clinics bring exceptional standards of processes, protocols, and policies. Under his able leadership, the clinic has introduced the most sophisticated Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART) in Abu Dhabi.

At ART Fertility Clinics, patients can avail of personalized treatments and the most advanced techniques, governed by WHO standards and administered by ESHRE-certified fertility experts.


Stay in Touch

If you urgently need to speak to one of our customer service representatives.
For more advice, information or help on our services,
please email us at: leasing@reddiamondjlt.com